Hebe Skincare Gold 

Luxury Natural Anti Ageing Skincare solutions -Science and Nature come together to bring your skin 
the ultimate age defying system
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Vegan Scented candles


Hand poured using 100% Natural Soy Wax and mixed with natural organic oils to deliver a SCENT-sational scent.


This Candle comes in a metal tin which is Silver in colour with a wielded seam construction and includes a solid lid.


Height: 65mm

Diameter: 77mm

Burn time: 30hrs +

Volume: 6oz / 170g

Wax weight: 6oz / 170g

Total weight: 240g

Available scents

Lavender & Dead Sea

Cedar Wood & Geranium

Eucalyptus & Clove

Ginger Lily and Ylang Ylang

Lavender & Citrus

Mandarin & Bergamot

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