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Amoorra Shower Spa


Introducing Amoorra a wonderful concept of a shower spa experience.

Suitable for all skin types

Lasts for 8 -10 mins in the shower

Dissolves away to nothing. There is no messy residue or clear up afterwards.

Try a selection box it is a great way to try all the fragrances.

HOW AMOORRA WORKS All the beautiful natural aromas are tightly packed into each tablet.


  • Get the shower nice and warm and place the AMOORRA on the floor just out of the direct flow of the shower.
  • As soon as the hot water hits it all those wonderful fragrances are released and they combine with the steam of the shower to give and aromatherapy spa shower.


There are 6 scents to choose from this elegant range of natrural products:


  • Breath            Eucalyptus Rosemary Peppermint
  • Calm              Rose Jasmine Musk
  • Peace            Camomile Clove and Cardamon
  • Sleep              Lavender Bergamot Vertiver
  • Awaken          Grapefruit Geranium Mandarin
  • Refresh          Ginger Nutmeg


If customer takes a shorter shower then they can remove the SHOBU and let it dry to use for another shower.

Experiences have been combined by a master perfumer / aromatherapist and are of very high quality which means they will last in the home for a good couple of hours afterwards.

Treat yourself or buy as a gift you will be surprised!

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