Hebe Skincare Gold 

Luxury Natural Anti Ageing Skincare solutions -Science and Nature come together to bring your skin 
the ultimate age defying system
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Introducing SHOBU a wonderful concept of a shower spa experience.

Suitable for all skin types

Lasts for 8 -10 mins in the shower

Dissolves away to nothing. There is no messy residue to clear up afterward.

Try a selection box it is a great way to try all the fragrances.

HOW SHOBU WORKS All the beautiful natural aromas are tightly packed into each SHOBU.Get the shower nice and warm and place the SHOBU on the floor just out of the direct flow of the shower. As soon as the hot water hits it all those wonderful fragrances are released and they combine with the steam of the shower to give an aromatherapy spa shower.

There are 6 scents to choose from this elegant range of natrural products: